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  • Wher can I make my own poster 4 of july 2012

  • I am asking for a prayer to my newly opened shop, it was recently relocated and my former clients opt renting my costumes due to far location. I am having a hard time to mentain monthly rental and dues. I request prayer that my shop will be open to clients and that i could be able to go ahead with the business. My vision is to make clients happy in choosing thier costumes and for them to look good. Prayer for people helping me in my present situation

    • May God Bless You Tasha, every problems comes with opportunities. Trust the natures timing and My prays are with you.

    • I will surely pray for you, and it shall be well soon in the mighty name of our lord GOD

    • My prays are with you and your business i totally get it i have a new business also and call as it is God will provide all your needs every bill paid and Grace is yours…

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